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Abigail Marissa
4 June 1990
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I'm Abigail Marissa and I'm a 16 year old college student currently studying law, psychology, history and, unsurprisingly enough, media. I'm also probably one of the biggest movie and television addicts alive, especially when it comes to horror, action, fantasy, and US dramas. I currently watch 13 shows but tend to obsess over just one at a time and that's generally the show that most of my current vids and icons will focus on, but I do try to vary a little from time to time and throw in the odd stuff from other fandoms. Most of the graphics, vids and fics you'll find here are of Jossverse shows, Alias, Eragon, Lost, Prison Break, Smallville, Supernatural, The OC and Veronica Mars, although there are the odd vids and graphics here and there from other fandoms. I'm also happy to take any icon, banner or music video requests, so just drop me a line either via email or comment on my LJ. A list of fandoms that I am a part of and am willing to vid to (mainly because I already have clips or full episodes of these) can be found on the left hand side of my LiveJournal, although I'm willing to fill graphics requests from any fandom.